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By creating software products we help organizations expand and scale their eCommerce businesses by optimizing and improving their whole value chain. We make sure everyone is on the same page, not just internally, but also with the customers, carriers, and all distinct parties involved in keeping the flow of goods moving.

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 Our Products 


Multichannel ecommerce platform.

Streamlining operations and allowing expansion to more channels. Noverstock offers - inventory control, product catalog management, purchases, and order fulfillment.


International postal consolidator platfrom.

Providing last-mile delivery solutions for international mail and e-commerce through network of more than 30 renowned partners.



We design our applications from the first principles

Our approach is based on architecture itteration in the early phases of the design.

Our main design tool is an actual black board and all ideas are born on it. We refine the design and ideas grow to actual internal design and architectural requirements.

And yes, we write a ton of documentation...

Data Modeling

We address the data modeling challenges with EDM

We spend a lot of time thinking how the data and the resultant entities are related to each other. We usually do several passes over the design of the entity types, associations and properties.

Once this step matures we usually are redy to pick our storage technology

System Design

Our products are cloud based distributed microservice systems...

We are crafting cloud based microservice systems which are designed for high availability in mind. Where is possible we do Fault Tolerant Design and we presume that our systems runs with partial failutres and we design them to degrade gracefully instead of fail castastrofically

Fault domain analisys is one of our weapons here...

Monitoring and Observability

The only propper way we know to run our products

We put a lot of work to design our system for great monitoring and observability. We do all sorts of logging, matrics monitoring, and distributed tracing. All this

Once this step matures we usually are redy to pick our storage technology


The Team

Lyubomir Slavilov

Founder and CTO

Engineering degree in phisics, 20+ years in softwere engineering. Former senior software engineer at Uber

Petya Valcheva


Senior product manager, certified as a PMP & PSPO. 5+ years of experience in IT covering technical and management roles. In charge of defining and executing business strategies with the help of software products.

Kiril Pavlov

Senior Software Engineer

Bachelor's degree in computer science. Senior software engineer with 6+ years of experience.

Christian Petrov

Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineer proficient in frontend and hybrid mobile app technologies, highly specialised in development of custom SaaS platforms. Also experienced in building scalable frontend architecture and leading small teams.

Petar Uzunov

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Backend developer with 5+ years of experience with PHP and NodeJS. Google Cloud - "Professional cloud architect" certified. Experience in devops processes, tools and methodologies. Experience in AWS."

Elitsa Karapchanska

Software Engineer

Front-end developer

Rozaliya Georgieva

Senior Software Engineer

Senior PHP developer who has more than 7 years of in depth-work experience, focused on developing CRM and ERP softwares. Experienced in leading small development teams, mentoring junior developers and communicating with clients.

Zornica Georgieva

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with 3+ years of experience managing softwere testing and automation projects throughout the testing phase.

Katerina Stankova

Senior Software Engineer

Senior PHP developer with a keen interest in devops processes, tools and methodologies. 5+ years of experiance. Google cloud certified professional cloud architect. Еxperience in designing, implementing and managing infrastructure on AWS"

Viktor Matsanov

Senior Software Engineer

Senior PHP developer with extensive server-side web development knowledge gathered across 4+ years in the industry. Well-versed in Front-End development. Led company-wide integration with third-party APIs. Excellent ability to work independently or as a part of a team

Nevena Kirova

Software Engineer

Front-end engineer with holistic knowledge in software development. Experience working on server-side rendering and single page applications.

Nikola Rusev

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Backend developer with 9+ years of experiance with PHP. I have experience in team leading, coaching and operating with clients.

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